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Consumer Health

Established as an independent business group in 1994, the Consumer Health Division is part of Bayer AG. We operate in more than 100 countries with a portfolio of more than 170 consumer health care products including some of the world’s best-known and most trusted over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements.

Today some of the world’s leading over-the-counter brands are from Bayer, and our global portfolio also includes highly regarded medical treatments for some of the most common dermatological conditions.

Ten of the leading Bayer brands with sales exceeding €100 million belong to the Consumer Health Division. Included in the portfolio are: Aspirin™, Aleve™, Alka-Seltzer™, Bepanthen™/Bepanthol™, Berocca™, Canesten™, Elevit™, Pretuval™, Priorin™, Redoxon™, Rennie™, Santogen™ and Supradyn™.

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