Occupational Health & Safety

A safe working environment and the health of our employees are the foundations of our occupational health and safety policy at Bayer. Extensive risk management to identify and assess any potential risks and shape a healthy working environment form a key part of our occupational health and safety activities. Our commitment in this area is underscored by our acceptance of the global chemical industry’s Responsible Care Global Charter.

In 2011 Bayer introduced an annual Global Safety Day at all Bayer companies worldwide. On a designated day each year activities take place around the world to help sharpen awareness of occupational health and safety.

Previous Safety Days in Basel have included first aid training and refresher courses, a presentation by the Basel Police on break-ins and theft at home and interactive workshops by the Basel Police on robbery, assault and self-defense. In organizing such sessions, Bayer remains fully committed to helping ensure employees’ safety at home, on the way to work and at the workplace.

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