New Partnership with the Cancer League Basel

Cancer League Basel

As part of our corporate social responsibility activities in the Basel area, we have a partnership with the Cancer League Basel for their project ‘Families with Cancer’. The Cancer League Basel is a highly respected organization that fully understands the challenges and questions associated with the illness. Together with Bayer, they support affected parents and children as they cope with the crisis.

We dedicate our Run for Charity activities to this project. “This engagement fits perfectly with our local corporate social responsibility activities,” says Patrick Kaiser, Director Communications. “Furthermore, our numerous employees who participate in our running activities know that with their engagement they are supporting families in need, knowing that cancer represents the illness with the highest mortality rate which can affect all of us.”

Bayer Basel also serves as a Hub for our oncology business. Jean-Sylvain Demelier, Head of Oncology, highly welcomes this engagement: “With our oncology products we aim to help patients with cancer. This partnership gives us the chance to be of further help by supporting families that are affected by this diagnosis.”

The partnership began on November 1, 2014 and will last at least until the end of 2017. Bayer Basel is proud to be the sole partner from the healthcare industry for its project ‘Families with Cancer’.

2015 the participants of our Run for Charity activities in Basel have raised a substantial amount of money through sporting activities such as the Three-Country Run through Switzerland, Germany and France in May, the Swiss Company Relay Zurich in July and the IWB Basel Marathon in September. This money was dedicated to the partnership with the Cancer League. (external link)

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