Working in Basel

workLIFE Basel Concept

Our working environment is activity based. At Bayer Basel employees can choose to work in a variety of specialized rooms, locations and facilities depending on whether they need to meet, carry out concentrated work with no distractions, hold a teleconference, make a phone call, or just have a coffee.

All offices and desks are positioned close to windows providing lots of natural light. Internal, less bright sections of the building host facilities such as flexible meeting spaces, rooms for formal and informal meetings, social areas and quiet zones.

This environment gives us the flexibility to cater for future growth while also offering our employees greater choice in the way they choose to work as well as improved collaboration possibilities.

Basel Live – Benefits for Employees

As a company with many international employees, we aim to bring them closer to both the Basel and Swiss cultures. To this end, we enable our employees to access cultural events throughout the year by organizing draws offering free tickets to events.

Basel Live
Basel Live